Analysis of the $3.1 million jackpot for the largest televised event of all time

Analysis of the $3.1 million jackpot for the large...

The first half of May is drawing to a close and what better way to shorten the week than with another edition of MarcaPoker? The Spanish radio show of this preeminent mind sport is back with interesting topics for all podcasters and poker lovers alike. The show will air on the 222nd, so prepared the following topics: um

  • Interview with pro Adrian Mateos debates founder of Hawkers sunglasses, we checked a few days ago.
  • Analysis of the biggest pots in history Live televised poker tournament played a few days ago, you can see it here.
  • A recap of today’s best live tournaments.
  • A summary of the main news of the week.

You can listen to this and others via the announcer David Luzagodelay time

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  • What is Marca Poker?

The world of poker is more modern than ever and there are already hundreds of thousands of players around the world. That’s why they deserve their place.

Marca Poker Gives you all the latest news from the world of poker in one program; interviews, news, debates, rankings, live events, discussions and everything you can think of about the map world everything of.

All the latest news from Mapworld by David Luzago, one of the most important voices in the poker world.

Analysis of the $3.1 million jackpot for the large...


  • The text is promoting the MarcaPoker radio show, which covers various topics related to poker. It highlights upcoming interviews, analysis of poker tournaments, and news updates in the poker world. It aims to provide the latest information and discussions for poker enthusiasts.

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