At the World Series of Poker 2022 (15): François Pirault takes his seat at the $5,000 Freezeout.

The Winamax cameras’ potential to record the thrill and stress of the poker circuit at the World Series of Poker is unparalleled.

The circumstances for the In the Mind of a Pro team to win this year’s World Series of Poker (WSOP) at Caesars couldn’t be better than they already are. The most highly awaited event of the year takes place in a new location and with new methods, but the plot remains the same.

As the Americans ramped up their schedule in the autumn of 2021 and then found their footing again in the spring, cutting the time between WSOPs down to four months, ELMDUP returned four months later to take up where it left off, with the full of Team Winamax taking on the brazaletes in Sin City.

The $815,000 5Max Freezeout tournament has resumed. Although Pierre Calamusa was both visible and invisible, his successor François Pirault has exceeded expectations.

Here, we follow one of the approximately 700 players still in the hunt with a good stack as they near the end of a WSOP event.

Until they take François from the table he’s been enjoying so much, even if it’s only the beginning one, nothing else will slow him down in the tournament, and that probably won’t be a problem as long as you don’t share his assumptions about the playing styles common in Sin City.

The little image opens a full-size YouTube video. Make sure the DVD player’s subtitles are turned on.

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