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Record: Nacho Barbero wins career-highest award

Record: Nacho Barbero wins career-highest award

Argentina’s Nacho Barbero continues to have the best year of his career as he finished second in Event 7 of the Triton Poker Super High Roller Series last night in London , proved it, and won the biggest prize of his career: $3.4 million. He continues to hold the record as Latin America’s highest-paid player with earnings of $13.9 million.

Event #7 NLH 8-Hand Event #7 featured 81 entries worth $212,000 with a prize pool of $16,200,000. The final table was Christoph Vogelsang (No. 13), Daniel Dvoress (No. 12), Sam Grafton (No. 11), Seth Gottlieb (10th) and Seth Davies (9th) receive prize money.

Nacho entered the final table second only to 2022 Main Event champion EspenJorstad in chips. When the three-handed tournament was formed, the two players and David Yan decided to sign an ICM agreement to share the remaining prize money, leaving $100,000 and a trophy for the champion. The Argentine had the biggest stack at the time, and thus the biggest prize: $3,445,807.

When play resumed, Espen’s Q-Q was broken by David’s No. 9, who was now third. . 9 flush draw. Yan and Barbero traded leads several times, and in the final frame, David’s A-4 beat Nacho’s K-6, who was one step away from winning his second Triton trophy.

The $34 million in prize money went to Barbero Michael Duek (born in Argentina but living in the US) finished third, a career best for the Argentinian It is also the second largest prize after $4 million. 2022 Main Event. The result puts Nacho ahead in the GPI Player of the Year rankings and climbs to No. 70 on the all-time money list.

You can watch tournament day 2 in this video:


He is the third highest earning player this year, after the 2023 Master Event winners Daniel Weinman ($12.1 million) and Chris Brewer ($11 million). We’ll see if he can hold on to the No. 1 GPI Player of the Year ranking at the end of 2023.

Record: Nacho Barbero wins career-highest award

KSOP GGPoker: Wender Oliveira Eliminates Ramon to Enter Top 36

KSOP GGPoker Premium: Wender Oliveira Hears a Line...

KSOP GGPoker Premium had a traditional start in every way. The first match on the show is the round of 36 rankings, which already suggests that the atmosphere in Rio will be as it always has been: full of lightheartedness. Several big names didn’t flinch at one of the tables, with Wender Oliveira putting in a solid performance at the end of one of the tables.

The player is one of only nine players to win at least three trophies this season, along with Ramon Pessoa, Alex Baez and Russian Sergei Utenkov sat at a table, and there was banter and banter among the Brazilians. On one occasion, “Goianin” ended up sacrificing Ramon Pessoa.

After hearing a statement from the Ceara player himself that “he never went all-in against Ramon,” the two live stars landed. From the button, Wender had more chips than Ramon and Alex who were in the blinds and didn’t want to play any games. “I’ll leave that up to you,” he said, announcing it was all-in.

Ramon was the first to speak and soon announced the call, having previously said he was totally against it – Ins always against him winning “Goianin”. Alex Bez made it through and then had a showdown with a persistent Wender. He was in poor position and could have seen the flop be true, but the deck was on his side.

The 8 came on the flop to give Wender Oliveira the lead. The 1 on the turn kept “Goianin” ahead and, most importantly, the 1 gave the Full Poker Team player a flush on the river. The spell worked against the wizard, and Ramon was eventually eliminated, while Wind continued to fight for victory at the poker table.

KSOP GGPoker Premium: Wender Oliveira Hears a Line...

Fran Araujo is CAP Foz do Iguaçu Main Event Champion

Fran Araujo is CAP Foz do Iguaçu Main Event Champi...

After three Game 1s and two more days of action, Francisco Araujo is the CAP Iguazú Main Event Champion, the fourth appointment of the 11th season Argentine Poker Tour.

At the final table live on Poker, Araujo defeated Mariana Di Girolamo in heads-up play against 143 Entrants in the $205,000 tournament took home the trophy and top prize of $7,073,153 for $24,331,450.

CAP Iguazu final table.

Araujo, who won his second CAP Main Event trophy2021 in Buenos Aires once again proved Why he is one of the most frequent players on the circuit in the region, not just in Argentina.

The final day lasted over seven hours and ended with another historic second place finish: Colo, one of the best Argentinian players in history, won second place $4,233,672 , and on the podium was Pablo Andreu of Mendoza for $2,749,545.

Di Girolamo finished second after a great race.

Held in the brand new Foz do Iguaçu, the final table features two Brazilians Jose Texeiras and Kairo Woichikowski, won the fourth and sixth place respectively.

CAP Iguazu – Main Event

Buy-in: $205,000Field: 143Pot: $24,331,450 Paid seats: 21

Final Table

1. Francisco Araujo – $7,073,1532. Mariana di Girolamo – $4,233,6723° Pablo Andrew – $2,749,4544° Jose Terceiras – $1,897,8535° Hector Perez – $1,416,0906° Cairo Woichikowski – $1,121,6807° Louis Gunninger – $854,0848° Leandro Bianchini – $632,6189° Joaquin Piergentile – $462,296

Fran Araujo is CAP Foz do Iguaçu Main Event Champi...

WSOP: Renan Bruschi in Day 3 of Event 87

Renan Bruschi Represents Brazil at WSOP Event #87...

On Day 3 of WSOP Event #87, Renan Bruschi is the only The Brazilian still on the championship field.

In contention for the double title and second bracelet, Renan Bruschi will defend the title of his compatriot Yuri Martins, the event’s current champion. Gaucho is 28th in chips with 184,000 in chips. The number of applicants for the competition is 460.

The tournament lead is in the hands of Nick Pupillo, who has 1,298,000 in chips. Behind him is Yuval Bronshtein in second with 1,260,000 chips. Ali Engel (663,000), Patrick Leonard (651,000), Alex Livingston (328,000), Todd Brunson (196,000) and David Baker (173,000) are also in the game.

Day 3 begins at 5:00pm ET with Level 21 Blinds. Stakes are 25,000/50,000, with stakes of 5,000, Stud Hi-Lo. Players have earned $5,762 in ITM prize money, with the winner taking home $221,733 and the bracelet of their dreams.

Renan Bruschi Represents Brazil at WSOP Event #87...

Brewer Wins Bracelet and $5M in Epic Final Hand

Brewer Wins Bracelet and $5M in Epic Final Hand

High-stakes player Chris Brewer one of few What has been lacking in his career, he can now add a WSOP bracelet to his trophy cabinet.

This Sunday night defined the most expensive tournament in WSOP 2023, the Event #40 $250,000 Super High Roller, which attracted 69 participants and a prize pool of $17,181,000.

Brewer celebrated with a great final hand.

As expected, several of the best players came to Las Vegas to celebrate at the Horseshoe and Paris table for a $5,181,000 prize pool and try to win the US$5,293,556 prize reserved for the champion and went to the US Brewers.

Latin Armada has no reps In this competition, despite some big names like Daniel Negreanu Phil Helms or current Main Event champion Espen Jorstad , though none of them made it to the checkout line.

The final table was a feast, with Brewer going up against many of the best players in the world until he was crowned, he had to beat Russia’s Artur Martirosian -ru, who won the championship and finished second with $3,271,666, while Martin Kabrhel Priced at 2,279 $.038.

This tournament is an extravagant game, and Brewer’s dedication isn’t far behind: What better way to win $5 million than with this wonderful process… p>

Event #40 $250,000 Super High Roller.

Buy-in: $250,000Entry: 69Pot:$17,181,000

Final Score

Christopher Bleu Artur – 5,293 $.556 2.

Artur Martirosian – $3,271,666 3.

Martin Kabrhel – $2,279,038 4th place

Alex Kulev – $1,632,005 5th

Chance Kornuth – 1,202 $.318 6°

Dan Smith – $912,022 7°

David Peters – $712,953 8°

Brandon Steven – $574,899 9°

Steven Veneziano – $478,663 10°

Alfred Decarolis – $411,940 11°

Ben Heath – $411,940

Brewer Wins Bracelet and $5M in Epic Final Hand

WSOP Breaks Main Event Day 1 Record with 8,773 Players

WSOP Breaks Main Event Day 1 Record with 8,773 Pla...

All the hard work of the WSOP organization has paid off. After 15 failed attempts, the 2006 Main Event record of 8,773 players was broken. At the start of the first day, the biggest series in the world announced on their social networks that they had registered 8,774 people.

It’s too early to predict a new boom in the game, except for Jack For Effel, WSOP vice president, which bodes well for poker when Las Vegas exceeds expectations.

“When you see a really big WSOP, it’s a good sign that poker will continue to grow.”. I think the WSOP is a special place. This cannot be replicated and can only be understood by being there. said Effel.

By the end of Day 1D, the Main Event crowd had reached 9,337. Final numbers will not be released until registration closes on Saturday 8th Day 2. Could be before the end of Level 7 Paying the buy-in, Level 7 is a tournament stage with a starting chip stack of 60 BBS.

WSOP Breaks Main Event Day 1 Record with 8,773 Pla...

Igor Reis scores 1,000x spins and wins

Igor Reis pulls off Evolution's big moment, comple...

Igor Reis is one of the Evolution Spins trainers and a few days ago the pro opened the game and explained the main differences and advantages of this mode compared to MTT. Igor also listed several benefits of rotation and explained how the team he mentors works, extending an invitation to anyone interested in evolution.

Not only did Igor Reis touch on all of the above, but he also said he feels like he’s in the best moment of his career. Combining his own study, learning and teaching, his playing rhythm is very good, and he is very satisfied with his recent state. But today he had even more reason to celebrate.

The Spins pro had a solid performance this Wednesday and crowned this great stage. Igor spun 1,000x on Winamax and turned a €25 buy-in into a €20,000 windfall in minutes. No other sport pays out as quickly as this, and this aggressive randomness is one of the great hallmarks of a spin.

Igor Reis used the Winamax game discount. Taking control of his TheBestsPin account, the pro saw the reels stop at x1,000, meaning the total prize pool would be €25,000. He met two other contestants in the game, knew that the game didn’t give them a chance, and finally won.

The Brazilian won €20,000, while the other two opponents received €3,000 and €2,000, also substantial prize money. In today’s conversion, Igor Reis collected more than 100,000 reais in just a few minutes by winning the mode.

Keep in mind that on another occasion, a player from the team had achieved x20,000 spins. In another instance, three Evolution players also saw the roulette wheel hit 20,000x and shared a six-figure prize. If you’re like everyone and want the chance to win or go pro in the sport with top-notch company, you can sign up on Evolution Spins.

To register, simply fill out this form. You can find out all about the team here.

Igor Reis pulls off Evolution's big moment, comple...

LAPT Panama: Qualifiers will continue to increase

LAPT Panama: Qualifiers will continue to increase

The Latin American Poker Tour 2023 is in full swing and exciting. After two successful races, the long-awaited LAPT Panama will be held on 4. Until August 8. This world-renowned event promises to be an epic experience, with players from all over the world coming together to showcase their skills at the tables.

In August, the Sheraton Crown Casino in Panama became the center of the world of poker.

The most exciting thing is that through the digital qualifiers, many players have already secured tournament seats. New grinders hit their wins every week and save big by earning passes to skip the virtual gaming tables and attend live events at the Sheraton Crown Casino in Panama.

Last remaining Satellite as qualifier Jorge carozo1959 Cantos (cover image), Dante dantee9 Garza, hackeran and mpb2502

Exchange $215 for a $1,500 Main Event ticket and get access to ticketed accommodations with companions all day during the event. In addition, the winner of the package will be guaranteed access to an exclusive VIP lounge, which will be open during the competition and offer grinders every comfort.

Leandro lejund Ryu joined them. , Marcella, metelindberg, Paul Kukie, Papaya006 and walj1992, won a package in the previous satellite. Chilean Francisco p4nch0cl Corvalan also qualified but only won a $1,500 seat.

There are still plenty of satellites available on PokerStars out there.

LAPT Panama will return on August

starting 4. As of August 8, the poker world’s eyes will be on the Codere-managed Sheraton Crown Casino, Panama (as well as Casino Carrasco, home of the LAPT Montevideo tournament ), one of the largest casino chains in Latin America, will open a new poker room where it will host the third edition of the 17-match tournament series post-season.

LAPT Panama: Qualifiers will continue to increase

River Poker and $147,000: Did You Have a ‘Unique’ Time at the 2023 WSOP?

River Poker and $147,000: Did You Have a 'Unique'...

The Event #23 $50,000 High Roller (8 Hands) at WSOP 2023 when Anton Morgenstern People are surprised that is coming to an end. With only 12 big blinds and a money bubble, his hopes seemed dashed quickly. But things took a truly amazing turn when a river jug ​​kept him alive.

The winner was compatriot Leon Sturm for $1,546,024.

When Morgenstern decided to set All -In to 4, the table read 5 4 7 4 seconds. However, his opponent Micah Raskin had one stronger hand per set The card Sevens, yes, the

classic sentence everyone hates. Ruskin seemed to be on the verge of winning a pot of 26 big blinds, with the German claiming the most unpopular title of all champions in 20th place.

But poker always has an ace and in this case it did. The turn brought a King, and Morgenstern was down to one card on the river. To everyone’s surprise, the number 4 miraculously appeared, giving Morgenstern an exciting poker game and a promising double.

The impact of this incredible game was not just for Morgenstern, but for everyone in the room to gasp. Morgenstern managed to overcome all odds and continue to fight for the title.

In the end, the German finished ninth for $147,776 and a story he is sure to tell his friends in Berlin more than once. Meanwhile, the winner was his compatriot Leon Sturm

Event # 23 $50,000 High Roller (8 Hands)

Buy-In:$50,000Buy-In:124Pot: $5,921.000 $

Final Table

Leon Storm – $1,546,024 2°

Bill Klein – $955,513 3°

Jans Ahrends – $694,019 4°

Alex Fox – $512,824 5°

Seth Davis – $385,617 6°

Justin Bonomo – $295,169 7°

Sam Soverel – $230,066 8°

Sung Joo Hyun – $182,662

*Collection completed.

River Poker and $147,000: Did You Have a 'Unique'...

New Fedor Holtz? Leon Sturm decided to make history

New Fedor Holtz? Leon Sturm decided to make histor...

In the competitive world of poker, very few players are able to win millions of dollars in tournaments, let alone have the chance to win more than $1 million in the same week. However, Leon Sturm a 22-year-old prodigy, Does it succeed in breaking all plans and being the exception to the rule.

Sturm recently made history by winning the Event #23: $50,000 High Roller at WSOP 2023 for an incredible $1,546,024. Just a few days ago, he won the GGPoker Super MILLION$, a $10,000 buy-in high roller, which netted him another impressive $1,518,400. Can anyone believe it?

While Sturm is best known for his online prowess, he is now making his way into the live high roller scene. With his online experience and theoretical knowledge, he wants to challenge the professionals in the live broadcast area. His early success in live tournaments brings to mind the legend Fedor Holz , Germany’s all-time cash leader, rose to fame when he won the 2014 WCOOP Main Event for $1.3 million at the age of 21.

Like Sturm, Holz continued his winning streak with a solid performance in the World Series. Finished 25th in the event for $262,574. The following year, Holz won his first bracelet by winning the $111,111 High Roller for $5 million in prize money.

Despite his impressive accomplishments, Rumukulus (Storm on the Internet) still feels like he still has a lot to learn and improve upon. When asked how he compared to Holz and other notable players, Sturm exposed his insecurities by admitting he made mistakes in live games, such as getting up late, going to bed late and lacking Nutritious or proper breakfast >. He also admitted that, unlike the other contestants, he didn’t follow a regular gym routine.

Prior to his recent incredible win, Sturm’s biggest cash prize in a live tournament was a fourth-place finish of $5,000 in the main event of the Venetian 2022 World Poker Tour event. Awarded $327,000 in prize money. He also finished sixth in the $25,500 High Roller event at the 2023 Lucky Hearts Poker Open for $83,100.

If Sturm continues to thrive in the live high-stakes scene, he could become the new prince of German poker.

New Fedor Holtz? Leon Sturm decided to make histor...

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