Bounty Builder Series 111-L Winner, Amauri Gulchinski

Bounty Builder Series 111-L Winner, Amauri Gulchin...

In the final days of the Bounty Creator Series, PokerStars received harsh criticism from players across the country. Event 111L: $215 NL Amauri Gulchinski went bust in heads-up hold’em (8-max). A total of $21,981 was deposited into the account holder’s “Amauri410” piggy bank.

Iago “neverstandard” Savino in Event 109-H: $530 NL Finished fourth in Hold’em (8-max) and earned $8,632, behind bronze medalist Victor “Per.V7” Pertille, who earned $12,784.

Among 2,182 entrants, Luciano “Luciano S.H.” Hollanda Second place in Event 107: 55 NKD. The Midas team member’s performance in Hold’em (8-Max, DeepStack) earned him $9,240.

The Brazilian team continued to participate in the series and in event 109- L: Finished third with “Bretera” in the $55 NL. Texas Hold’em (8-Max) (8-Max). Despite being eliminated, he finished third and won $8,480.

Bounty Builder Series 111-L Winner, Amauri Gulchin...

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  • This text seems to be discussing the final days of a poker tournament called the Bounty Creator Series. It mentions specific players and their results, as well as the prizes they won. However, without further context or understanding of the poker community, it is difficult to form a concrete opinion on the matter.

  • Murphy.jessie

    This text provides information about the performance of different players in various events of the Bounty Creator Series on PokerStars. It mentions the criticism received by PokerStars and highlights the earnings and positions of specific players, including Amauri Gulchinski, Iago Savino, Victor Per.V7 Pertille, Luciano Hollanda, and Bretera.

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