Ettore Cesco takes the podium in $525 Bounty Hunters HR race

Ettore Cesco takes the podium in $525 Bounty Hunte...

Brazil produced some great results at the GGPoker tables yesterday for the 31st consecutive game. Ettore Cesco finished third out of 444 entries in the $525 Bounty Hunters HR [Double Stack], a performance that earned him $17,924.

Guilherme Biazutti wins gold and takes home $9,181 in the $215 Daily Heater Special Edition [Turbo] competition. There were 192 participants in the tournament.

“Joaozinho” is also excellent. He screamed victory in the $77 Lucky Sevens [Bounty Edition] and topped up his balance with $7,007.

In the $25 GGMasters Bounty Special Edition, Hairong Huang topped the podium, earning $6,292.

Also, Bernardo Soares hacked the $54 Bounty Hunters Encore and earned $6,135 on the site. View other results:

Tournament Player Position Prize

GGMasters Classic $25 “subrim” 1. Train Hunter “1. $5,408$25 GGMasters Bounty Special Edition Alexandre Dantas1. $5,067$215 Omaholic Big Game “Futbol is LIFE! ”1.$5,043

Ettore Cesco takes the podium in $525 Bounty Hunte...


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    This text shows that Brazilian players had a successful day at the GGPoker tables, with many of them winning significant prizes in various tournaments. It highlights the talent and skill of these players in the online poker world.

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