Igor Reis scores 1,000x spins and wins

Igor Reis pulls off Evolution's big moment, comple...

Igor Reis is one of the Evolution Spins trainers and a few days ago the pro opened the game and explained the main differences and advantages of this mode compared to MTT. Igor also listed several benefits of rotation and explained how the team he mentors works, extending an invitation to anyone interested in evolution.

Not only did Igor Reis touch on all of the above, but he also said he feels like he’s in the best moment of his career. Combining his own study, learning and teaching, his playing rhythm is very good, and he is very satisfied with his recent state. But today he had even more reason to celebrate.

The Spins pro had a solid performance this Wednesday and crowned this great stage. Igor spun 1,000x on Winamax and turned a €25 buy-in into a €20,000 windfall in minutes. No other sport pays out as quickly as this, and this aggressive randomness is one of the great hallmarks of a spin.

Igor Reis used the Winamax game discount. Taking control of his TheBestsPin account, the pro saw the reels stop at x1,000, meaning the total prize pool would be €25,000. He met two other contestants in the game, knew that the game didn’t give them a chance, and finally won.

The Brazilian won €20,000, while the other two opponents received €3,000 and €2,000, also substantial prize money. In today’s conversion, Igor Reis collected more than 100,000 reais in just a few minutes by winning the mode.

Keep in mind that on another occasion, a player from the team had achieved x20,000 spins. In another instance, three Evolution players also saw the roulette wheel hit 20,000x and shared a six-figure prize. If you’re like everyone and want the chance to win or go pro in the sport with top-notch company, you can sign up on Evolution Spins.

To register, simply fill out this form. You can find out all about the team here.

Igor Reis pulls off Evolution's big moment, comple...

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  • Albert.rempel

    In this text, Igor Reis, a trainer for Evolution Spins, discusses the advantages of the mode compared to MTT and highlights his successful career moment, including a recent €20,000 win. He also invites interested individuals to join Evolution Spins.

  • Simonis.haleigh

    The text discusses Igor Reis, a trainer for Evolution Spins, and highlights his success in the game. It also promotes the benefits of playing Spins and invites readers to sign up for Evolution Spins.

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