In a tennis match, Markus Gonsalves uses a frying pan to defeat Dan Smith.

The debate over who was the greatest tennis player of all time will never stop. But, it’s not hard to decide who the most embarrassing player ever was on the court.

Dan Smith lost a set against Markus Gonsalves, 6-2, on the wager that Gonsalves wouldn’t use the frying pan throughout the match.

Gonsalves boasted on the WPT blog that he had used a frying pan to beat a second buddy. In preparation for this test, he realized that the “correct way to play” would always include playing against the inside of the pan. The American claims he went through many pans before finding one that resembled a racket.

Gonsalves expressed amazement at Smith’s development in an interview. In spite of this, he was only slightly threatened during the whole 17 minutes.

The rematch shouldn’t take long, and Smith, who calls himself a betting enthusiast, will undoubtedly come even more prepared this time.

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