Jeff Boski’s flush nuts lost a 167-blind pot.

There has been a lot of interest in and attendance in events held at ACR, or the Americas Cardroom. Yesterday, “HeyMonia,” aka Monika Zukowics, captured a hand she was playing against American Jeff Boski while live from a tournament.

Boski, an ACR ambassador, was dealt a terrible hand despite his superior strength. Even though the American made a flush with the nuts on the turn, he still lost the hand and the 167 blinds in the pot, which ultimately led to his elimination. After the fight, Monika looked very enormous.

In the Daily Supersonic, Luan Leonel not only mocks Neymar, but also cheers him off the field, saying, “the account here is extremely powerful.”

The streamer had already revealed the action from the river, and the pot was worth 31.94 blinds with “HeyMonia” in position against the ACR ambassador. She read the board and bet 9.58 blinds, thinking that Jeff Boski would have game and push all of his chips into the middle. And that is precisely what happened.

As Boski declared a push for 67.53 blinds, the streamer immediately called. There was no escaping the showdown for him. His flush was no match for Monika’s full house runner runner, which allowed her to take down the 167-blind pot and win the race.

Once Jeff was eliminated, the commentator said, “GG, sir.” Whoa, what a pit stop.

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