KSOP GGPoker: Wender Oliveira Eliminates Ramon to Enter Top 36

KSOP GGPoker Premium: Wender Oliveira Hears a Line...

KSOP GGPoker Premium had a traditional start in every way. The first match on the show is the round of 36 rankings, which already suggests that the atmosphere in Rio will be as it always has been: full of lightheartedness. Several big names didn’t flinch at one of the tables, with Wender Oliveira putting in a solid performance at the end of one of the tables.

The player is one of only nine players to win at least three trophies this season, along with Ramon Pessoa, Alex Baez and Russian Sergei Utenkov sat at a table, and there was banter and banter among the Brazilians. On one occasion, “Goianin” ended up sacrificing Ramon Pessoa.

After hearing a statement from the Ceara player himself that “he never went all-in against Ramon,” the two live stars landed. From the button, Wender had more chips than Ramon and Alex who were in the blinds and didn’t want to play any games. “I’ll leave that up to you,” he said, announcing it was all-in.

Ramon was the first to speak and soon announced the call, having previously said he was totally against it – Ins always against him winning “Goianin”. Alex Bez made it through and then had a showdown with a persistent Wender. He was in poor position and could have seen the flop be true, but the deck was on his side.

The 8 came on the flop to give Wender Oliveira the lead. The 1 on the turn kept “Goianin” ahead and, most importantly, the 1 gave the Full Poker Team player a flush on the river. The spell worked against the wizard, and Ramon was eventually eliminated, while Wind continued to fight for victory at the poker table.

KSOP GGPoker Premium: Wender Oliveira Hears a Line...

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