Olvio Gontijo uses his bluffing skills to advance in the WSOPC

Several exciting events with substantial prize pools were held on GGPoker on Sunday. The winner of the $108 WSOPC Event #15 received a ring from the most prestigious poker tournament series in the world. Brazilian streamer Olvio Gontijo was one of the few remaining competitors on the last day.

The member of the Fria and 4bet Poker Team had a few spectacular moments throughout the event. One of the largest was with 114 competitors still in the game. The Brazilian, who was sitting on 36 blinds, snatched one from the dealer. He made the open raise and, as predicted, the large blind called.

Olivio thought the flip was fantastic for a c-bet when the cards were dealt. In accordance with the rules, he placed a 2 blind bet, which was called by his opponent. Even though the turn was a 6, it was still a solid card to continue the action and force him to fold weaker cards.

On a final table that includes two players from the country, Allan Mello has amassed the most chips.

Following suit, “bigfatfat” increased the bet to 7.3 blinds. Again, it was the large blind player who put up the money. The river brought the last piece to the set by delivering a. Despite not finishing the drawings, the streamer was prepared for the card’s outcome: “congratulations, fellas. You can’t do anything at 8 high “as he put it.

Olivio then made an all-in wager of 24.7 blinds, a little overbet given the size of the pot (24.1). Dramatic moments ensued as the opponent used the time bank, but after about 50 seconds of deliberation, the opponent folded.

The “bigfatfat” then referred to a joyous occasion. He yelled, “Vamooooo” (which means “Go! “). In addition, he showed worry over the delay in the rival’s choice and closed the play with the golden key phrase “you have to respect my past.” The streamer eventually left with $1,185 in his account and a ranking of #73.

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  • This text describes several exciting events and a notable win on GGPoker, where Brazilian streamer Olvio Gontijo showcased impressive gameplay. Despite not finishing the drawings, Gontijo made crucial moves that led to his victory, earning him a cash prize and a respectable ranking.

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    This text describes several exciting events and moments in a poker tournament on GGPoker. It highlights the notable performance of Brazilian streamer Olvio Gontijo, who made strategic moves and ultimately won a substantial prize.

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