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The legislation in Albania places strong restrictions on the gambling sector, yet this does not prevent people from playing poker online inside the country. Read our post to learn which poker rooms we consider to be the greatest for poker players residing in this nation and to find out why we hold such a belief.

Онлайн-покер в Албании 2022

Best Poker Rooms in Albania


Represents the GGNetwork poker network in Albania, which at the moment has the highest number of active tables throughout all 24-hour time periods of any network in the globe. The games with the most participants are 6-max No Limit Hold’em, PLO4, PLO5, 5-max Shortdeck, and 4-max All-in or Fold.

The bonus system consists of a multitude of offers (races, freerolls, jackpots, quests, and cache drops), each of which gives away more than ten million dollars on a monthly basis. They provide a bonus of up to $600, which is equal to 100% of the first deposit, and their loyalty program offers rakeback starting at 10%, with the amount varying according to the level and kind of gaming activity.


Good traffic on limits up to NL600$ (the most costly game is collected with bets of $50/$100) and high rakeback percentages owing to the VIP system (up to 65%) and two rake races make PokerKing the greatest room for grinders. PokerKing is regarded the finest room for grinders because of these factors.

There is action taking place at three separate rapid poker limits (NL10$, NL50$, and NL200$), each of which features a unique variation of Omaha 7-card Stud.


The Chico Network’s skin with the highest notoriety in Europe provides players with various regular races, a jackpot for losing with a combination from a rack of twos, and a first deposit bonus of up to $1,000 worth 10% of their first deposit. 

The poker room’s client software supports a significant number of active 9-max tables due to the high number of players hailing from the United States. There are Hold’em and Omaha short tables with bets going up to $5/$10 available. 

Gaming Laws.

Even though Islam is the dominant religion in the nation, gambling of any kind was perfectly acceptable right up until the year 2018 when it was made illegal. 

Law no. 75/20181, which was passed in Albania in 2018, made it illegal to run any kind of gambling business beginning in January 2019, with the exception of bingo, lotteries, and traditional land-based casinos.

Every place that is allowed falls within the purview of state-owned businesses. There are three casinos located in Tirana’s tourism zone, all of which predominantly cater to visitors from outside the country.

Lotaria Kombetare is the only proprietor of the sole legally sanctioned gambling website in Albania.

The current state of online poker

Poker games of any kind are not included among the permitted gambling options in this nation. Therefore:

Poker is the sole game played in Albania, although exclusively at offshore sites.

Because of the legislation, they are prohibited from using any offshore gambling sites. Despite this, the residents of the country are not subject to any kind of punishment from the government. About half of these sites are not even prohibited by the local providers where they are located.

In this context, digital currencies are utilized to conduct financial transactions; hence, the most reputable poker rooms in Albania support them, along with cards issued by Neteller, Skrill, and ecoPayz. Winnings from internet gambling are not subject to any additional taxation.

The most talented athletes in Albania

Мухамед Перати

*WSOPC Rozvadov 2019, €500 Bounty Hunter (Event #7) 

Mohamed Perati is said to have “made the most money” in live events outside of nationals, according to The HendonMob. The largest payout ($64,414) that the player has ever gotten was in 2012 for placing seventh in the WSOP Limit Hold’em tournament. He now has an account balance of approximately $700,000.

A second ring from the 2019 WSOP Circuit Series was awarded to Muhammad in Rosewood.

However, his compatriot Tony Sinishtay, who later became a citizen of the United States, has a longer list of achievements, including approximately $4 million in total prizes. When he took first place in the $10,000 Wynn Millions Poker Series event in March 2022, he was awarded $1,655,952 of that total.

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