River Poker and $147,000: Did You Have a ‘Unique’ Time at the 2023 WSOP?

River Poker and $147,000: Did You Have a 'Unique'...

The Event #23 $50,000 High Roller (8 Hands) at WSOP 2023 when Anton Morgenstern People are surprised that is coming to an end. With only 12 big blinds and a money bubble, his hopes seemed dashed quickly. But things took a truly amazing turn when a river jug ​​kept him alive.

The winner was compatriot Leon Sturm for $1,546,024.

When Morgenstern decided to set All -In to 4, the table read 5 4 7 4 seconds. However, his opponent Micah Raskin had one stronger hand per set The card Sevens, yes, the

classic sentence everyone hates. Ruskin seemed to be on the verge of winning a pot of 26 big blinds, with the German claiming the most unpopular title of all champions in 20th place.

But poker always has an ace and in this case it did. The turn brought a King, and Morgenstern was down to one card on the river. To everyone’s surprise, the number 4 miraculously appeared, giving Morgenstern an exciting poker game and a promising double.

The impact of this incredible game was not just for Morgenstern, but for everyone in the room to gasp. Morgenstern managed to overcome all odds and continue to fight for the title.

In the end, the German finished ninth for $147,776 and a story he is sure to tell his friends in Berlin more than once. Meanwhile, the winner was his compatriot Leon Sturm

Event # 23 $50,000 High Roller (8 Hands)

Buy-In:$50,000Buy-In:124Pot: $5,921.000 $

Final Table

Leon Storm – $1,546,024 2°

Bill Klein – $955,513 3°

Jans Ahrends – $694,019 4°

Alex Fox – $512,824 5°

Seth Davis – $385,617 6°

Justin Bonomo – $295,169 7°

Sam Soverel – $230,066 8°

Sung Joo Hyun – $182,662

*Collection completed.

River Poker and $147,000: Did You Have a 'Unique'...

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