Robbie Liew has published a book on his time at Hustler Casino.

The topic of American poker player Robbie Lew’s suspected fraud has resurfaced in recent months, appearing in many poker media outlets. It has to do with a podcast by Douglas Polk in which he interviewed poker player Garrett Adelstein’s accuser.

Adelstein told Polk that he still believes Lew is guilty despite his change of heart. Regardless of the fact that the girl passed the polygraph with flying colors. ..

The poker player’s book, in which she details her take on what went down at Hustler Casino Live, was announced for publication less than a week later.

If I Done It is the title of Robbie Lew’s novel. The book’s publishing date may have appeared suspiciously close to the holidays, but Robbie had really been hard at work on it for months.

“Very soon after that, I began writing this book. It occurred to me that it could be amusing to document in writing what I would and would not do in the event of an actual cheating situation “Robbie said during the chat.

Several bookshops have started stocking If I Done It. The first part of the book provides a comprehensive account of the circumstances that led to the controversy. Then, the book’s author presents a plethora of evidence in support of his interpretation. Among them was the fact that security is taken seriously at Hustler Casino Live (HCL). Robbie also pointed out that she would have required another player at the table in addition to the dealer in order to pull off her “scheme.”

Lew justified her return of Garrett’s money. She claims that Adelstein is well-connected inside the HCL administration and that the company often invites a certain poker player to its concerts.

“I hoped that by returning $135,000 to Garrett in the corridor, I might regain Garrett’s favor and be reinstated at HCL. I was doing good on the program and wanted to keep it that way, so I decided to make amends “Lew included.

But, the publication of Robbie Lew’s book has only piqued the attention of the poker community. Adelstein has been silent on If I Did It since its recent release.

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  • This text discusses the controversy surrounding American poker player Robbie Lews and his suspected fraud. It mentions the release of Lews’ book, which presents evidence in support of his interpretation, but it has only further drawn attention from the poker community, while Garrett Adelstein remains silent on the matter.

  • The text discusses the resurfacing of allegations against American poker player Robbie Lews for fraud, including his novel titled “If I Done It” which documents a cheating situation. While some bookshops have stocked the novel, there is no mention of the response or comments from the poker player Garrett Adelstein, the main accuser.

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