“Sortpuz” defeats Supremas Battle HR

“Sortpuz” defeats Supremas Battle HR

Winning at Suprema guarantees great success for your account. On Wednesday 24th ‘Sortpuz’ cracked the R$300 Battle HR 300K GTD and bagged himself a piece of the jackpot. He finished first out of 998 entrants and won R$ 47,184.

Driving the Omax HR 75K GTD worth R$ 750, “OmaLa” took the podium. After sending 61 players home, he received R$23,757.

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R$550 HighS 50K GTD (115 entrants)

1. Ranking – “h31t0r123” R$ 20,076

R$ 30 Big Plus 150K GTD (2,762 items)

1. Ranking – “OZARRK” R$ 20,043

R$ 55 Battle 50K GTD (916 entries)

1. Ranking – “Adrian M” R$ 8,071

R $75 Reentry 50K GTD (600 participants)

1. Location – “LHP1996” R$ 6,660

“Sortpuz” defeats Supremas Battle HR

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