Super Thursday on PokerStars: agus2121 is in the lead for Red.

Thursday at PokerStars was all about the regular tournaments.

There were nine events held in the red spade room, each with a prize pool of over €10,000 and a total of €180,000. A Spaniard came out on top in one of the nine MTTs.

Agus2121 took home €2,648.53 after winning the €50 Bigger. There were 334 total participants in the event, and the total prize pool was €15,030.

This victory brings La Roja’s total for the day to 18. The Spanish champions were:

(PKO €10) mho12532.

“albertfol” (PKO €5).

“9lunkester9” (10 Euros for PKO).

“sergioluzardo” (Ultra KO, 20 Euros).

SuperStack 1€, user ID “torope023.

Sousaint 9 (50 Euros PKO).

SuperStack for 5 Euros (LINEA SIGFRIDO).

SuperStack: *”sousinha9″ (five euro).

“arevalo7” (20 Euros for Ultra KO).

the code name “agus2121” (Bigger 50€).

Larger 50€” * “agus2121.”

SuperStack 1€, “jimygg.”

“Japsthelegend” (2 Euros for SuperStack).

The phrase “Farolillo 1234” means “Bounty Builder 5” (five euros).

The Mini Hot BigStack Turbo €5″ is “alexysmgjz.”

(Bounty Builder) “curripoker” (£10).

SuperStack Turbo €10 coolomben.

Zoom PKO £30 “johnnyesta24.”

SuperStack Turbo 20 Euro Arollins.

‘oubay2ait8said’ (Hold’em NL 0.50€).

The Spanish won six doubles (shown on the list with an asterisk) and had a better overall record in the Event (12 wins to 14 seconds).

Below are the winners of the regular tournaments with jackpots in the five figures:

For the 10-Euro 6-Max. Field size: 1,280; total prize pool: €1,624.10. Portugal, with a total prize fund of €12,000.

agus2121 (Larger £50) won a total of €2,648.53. There were a total of 334 entrants, and the prize fund was worth €15,030 (Spain). .

minithunderzaku95worldbest (zaku95) The total prize pool was €2,688.10, and the number of entrants was 2,908. Total prize money is €26,136 (from France). .

Chimotrifia 0 (Thunder 50 Euros). The prize pool is €3,896.65; French currency; France. Field: 667. Brazil’s prize pool is €30,015. .

The Amazing SuperQQ22 (StarsTour) €250. Total prize money was €6,434.88 and there were 118 entrants. The total prize money is €30,000 (Montenegro).

Prize pool: £1,363.84 (BB: €10; Total Entries: 1,305; Total Prize Money: €11,745) Country: Portugal esteves77519


Denluck777 (£20 BB, £1,794.12 GP, 662 Entrants). Ukraine (total prize money: £11,916).

Big Bang) Lano1770 Field: 483; Bet: €50; Payout: €4,087.06. France (prize money of €21,735).

Portuguese hot pepper (calorinho; Bounty Night €10; Prize Pool €2,351.68; Prize Pool €2,409; Field 2,409; Total €21,681; Country: Portugal).

While players wait for the start of the SCOOP, today’s emphasis returns to the normal events. To the Spanish: VGL!

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