This year’s worst fold, perhaps? Nicholas Vertucci loses a fortune in a television showdown

With the scandal involving Garret Adelstein and Robbi Lew, the name Nick Vertucci sprang to prominence. He is the executive producer of the very popular cash game Hustle Casino Live, which has viewers all around the globe. This time, it was Vertucci’s unexplained fold at the table that garnered him attention.

The showdown occurred on “The Ante Game,” with the stakes set at $25/$50 with a high-stakes ante. When the first card was dealt, there was already $250 in the pots. The two decided to limp, Big John and Dark Night. When it was Vertucci’s turn to act on the hijack, he moved all in for $500 with.

They all agreed to go to the 10x celebration. Patrick, Mike X, Big John, and Dark Night, the three limpers, all chipped in. Five players saw the flip, which revealed. Dark Night, who only had, made the first wager of $2,000 nevertheless. The other two players folded to Vertucci and Mike X’s call.

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Nick was dealt a fantastic card on the turn:. Even with a strong defensive of, he still managed to strike a straight and get flush draw nuts. Mike X checked, Dark Night bet $4,400, and Vertucci quickly got him to fold. He checked the HLC producer’s bank account and saw that he was short $30,375 before announcing a bold increase to $15,000.

After a minute of reflection, Vertucci revealed a surprising fold. Without compassion, Dark Night challenged him to a fight in order to deliver the knockout blow. Hundreds of shocked messages were poured into the streaming chat area immediately. Twitter and message boards were flooded with jokes about the J4 case when the hand became viral, including calling Nick Vertucci “Nit” Vertucci.

Look at this:

You have had to see this insane fold by @NickVertucciNV. How about you, would you fold this?

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