Tigergaming is hosting tournaments with a guarantee of $168,000 in the Bounty Hunters Series.

During the last week of the summer, Chico’s Skins will be hosting a special Bounty Hunters series that will feature a guarantee of $168,000 for a total of 36 events. In addition, there will be daily $1,000 bonus lottery freerolls for top knockouts.

Bounty Hunters Poker Series в сети Chico

Featurettes in a Series

In conjunction with the PKO series, the Chico Network of America is introducing a new tournament brand called the Bounty Hunters Poker Series. This festival, in contrast to the King of the Ring, is not only smaller in scale, but also features more openly competitive buy-ins.

 Tigergaming, Betonline, and Sportsbetting will jointly organize 36 Bounty Hunters Poker Series events from the 22nd to the 28th of August, 2022. The combined prize pool for these events is guaranteed to be $168,000.

The typical guarantee comes in at $4,666, but the typical payoff is at $31 in cash. The cost might vary anywhere from $5.5 to $215.

Prize pools for events that are part of a series are often greater than those of comparable ordinary events. For instance, multi-table tournaments in the $11 series feature guarantees ranging from $2,000 to $4,000, but just one of these tournaments on the normal schedule exceeds $2,000.

The 7-max format will be used for fifty percent of the events.

The $22 main event will have a guarantee of $50,000, making it the richest tournament in the network’s roumes other than the flagship Sunday event. There will need to be 2,500 entrants in order to meet the stated prize pools in the event.

All MTTs have a 90-minute grace period for late registration.

The following is a complete listing of the Bounty Hunters Poker Series’ events:

A game of “All-In” Shootout. 

Every day at seven in the morning Eastern Time (ET), there will be a $1,000 raffle competition for the most active participants in the series. In tournaments that are part of the Bounty Hunters Series, the amount of your stack is determined by the number of eliminations:

1-5 – 1 chip.

6-10 – 3 chips

11-20 – 5 chips

If you get 21 knockouts or more, you get 10 chips.

That is to say, players who participate in tournaments with lower entry fees will have an edge in this promotion since they will face more competitors in a single event and, as a result, have more opportunity to earn knockout victories.





a series called Bounty Hunters


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    This text provides information about a special Bounty Hunters series hosted by Chicos Skins, featuring a guarantee of $168,000 and daily $1,000 bonus lottery freerolls. The series will run from the 22nd to the 28th of August, 2022, with buy-ins ranging from $5.5 to $215.

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