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The LATAM LEAGUE, in a nutshell This thrilling Latin American poker league for recreational players will have its fourth and final day this SATURDAY at 888poker.

In April, the new and exciting thing will be the airing live of the definition and telling previews of what will be the NEW LATAM LEAGUE by Fernando Gatto, our HOST on the new TWITCH Channel of Pokerlogia. Thanks to your support and involvement, we have been able to sustain and even enhance this competition among Latin American peers.

He will also provide some information about his upcoming trip to Las Vegas, Nevada, where he plans to spend 40 days playing cash games. During the broadcast, you may pose any question you have regarding poker, both online and in person. Also, you’ll be able to watch the Ranking Definition unfold in real time.

Prizes will be awarded to the top 10 finishers in this Monthly RANKING each month.

A total of u$s 16.50 added to your 888Poker account for placing first, second, or third.

From 4th through 10th place, 888Poker will add $5.50 to your account balance.

Winners must PM 888Poker LATAM on Facebook with their 888Poker user name and support ID in order to get their tickets reimbursed. If they don’t submit them within 5 days after the conclusion of the previous competition, they’ll forfeit their chance at the prize. For more information on 888Poker’s contest rules, click here.

Questions on how to join in should be sent to [email protected].

The newest victorious:

♠️🏆 The second place was earned by “adosindo16” of Bolivia.

The first date went to Uruguayan user “marcelot2015.”

The third place winner was the Peruvian team “00peru00.”

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  • This text is promoting the LATAM LEAGUE, a Latin American poker league for recreational players. It highlights the upcoming live airing of the league’s final day, previews of the new league, and provides information about prizes and rankings.

  • This text provides information about the LATAM League, a Latin American poker league for recreational players, and their upcoming final day. It also mentions the new LATAM League and the host’s trip to Las Vegas, as well as the prizes and rankings for participants.

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