Tournaments with a $2,000,000 Prize Pool at 888 Poker’s Mysterious Bounty Festival

After beta testing for almost half a year, 888 Poker has announced that its Mystery Bounty festival event, including a new format for the roulette table and a total guarantee of more than $2,000,000, will begin on February 19, 2023.

Mystery Bounty Festival $2M GTD в 888poker

Series Features.

Tournaments with the random size bounty appeared in 888poker on September 25, 2022, and after that they were included not only in the regular grid, but also formed the basis for two series. At the end of winter 2023, the room announced the start of a new tournament event, in which absolutely all the events will have such a format.

Mystery Bounty Festival will take place from February 19 to March 7 and will include more than 200 MTTs with a total guarantee of at least $2,000,000.

In addition, the Eights will again, like this year’s XL Winter Series, divide all series events into two large groups: numbered events and daily events.

There will be thirty of the former:

Buy-ins range from $5.50 to $320. The $5.5 and $11 buy-ins have 11 tournaments.

There will be three major events with six-figure guarantees. Only one of them, MB Festival #03, the $120,000 Mystery Bounty Opening for $109, has no starting days.

Twenty-five of the numbered tournaments have $15K and $20K guarantees.

The main event has twice the BI of $109 with a $300,000 guarantee and a maximum bounty of $30K.

They don’t run on Fridays.

Daily tournaments have a wider BI range, from $1.1 to $525. Their prizes do not exceed $35,000. The schedule for these MTTs every 24 hours generally consists of the same events.

Multiday tournaments


The bounty stage does not begin until the start of the last day of these events, which is different from all previous Mystery Bounty Festival events.

There are three different flight structure choices available for both events: hyper (3-minute blinds), turbo (6-minute blinds), and daily (12-minute blinds). Every participant starts with 166.7B in chips, and the game finishes at level 18 or if less than 14% of the original registrants are still in the game.

Step satellites beginning at 1 cent or freerolls are available to get you into Day 1.


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Festival of the Mysterious Bounty

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