Visit the Rosario City Center to Experience TNT’s Bounty

City Center Rosario welcomes TNT Bounty once again!

With a 250,000 pesos guarantee and satellites, the virtual site of Latin America’s biggest casino hosts the reward event once again.

There are daily championships of varied entries for all tastes, and the City Center of Rosario keeps adding tournaments to its grid of live and virtual events that may be accessed via the qualifications accessible on its internet site.

Like the recently revived TNT Bounty, a tournament with elimination awards that guarantees 250,000 pesos and is contested on the City Center’s digital platform.

The tournament is set to begin at 10 p.m. on Saturday, April 8; the entrance cost is 8,800 pesos, of which 5,500 will go toward prizes, 800 to the casino, and 2,500 to the bounty.

Every 9 minutes, the blinds will increase by 1, and re-entries will be accepted up to the 15th level.

Competitions in the City

Satellites will be played for qualification starting on Monday and running through Friday night (that’s five nights in a row). Registration is 880 pesos, the rebuy is 880 pesos, and both give you 5,000 points in chips; you may also purchase the add-on for the same price and get 10,000 more points. After 5 minutes, the lights will cycle, and you may re-enter the building up to Level 18.

The City Center Online platform continues to expand and acquire players as new tournaments, cash tables, and Sit & Go become available. This is due in large part to the wide range of available entry fees and betting limits, which give every player a fair shot at choosing a suitable game.

Every hour of every day, players may access the room’s many jackpots and tailor each gaming setting to their liking for the purest poker experience possible.

Any user – just for those who play within the confines of the province of Santa Fe – may begin having fun after registering and activating their account, with the added convenience of being able to access their account from any mobile device (cell phone or tablet) or computer.

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