Warning to Perkins and Polk

Perkins, Bill, and Polk, Douglas

Douglas Polk is always up for a good bet or competition. Bill Perkins, a fellow poker player, is never far behind him and is likewise game for an adventure.

The most recent one was a bet Polk made to lower his body fat percentage from 27.7 to 13.85 in 12 months. The loser had to fork out $200,000 to the victor. Douglas accepted defeat and gave Bill that sum of money less than a month later.

Then Polk proposed a $100,000 buy-in heads-up match with $200/$400 blinds. But he also indicated that anybody who wanted to play poker with him at his club, The Lodge, was welcome to come and seat at the same table as him.

A $46,000 ice chest and 1% odds against Douglas Polk’s opponent are also available.

On Twitter, his fans began joking that they would attend the game once they had collected enough money. Douglas himself contributed somewhat to the decision:

“I feel the need to reflect on the last few years. If you had told me when I was 23 that I’d be playing $100,000 heads-up in my own online room, I definitely would have cried with joy. After all, I gave Starz a go with just twenty dollars, haha “Polk penned.

Not many individuals were interested in accepting the poker player’s offer at first. Dan Cates was the only one who showed any interest, but he was too late. Bill Perkins was supposed to accompany him to this pricey heads-up competition.

Bill travelled to Texas to play Douglas Polk this weekend. After six hours of play, Perkins eventually defeated Polk by $30,000. There has been no news on whether or not Douglas will accept a rematch.

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